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HTML5 Phone Mockups

A personal project, HTML5 Phone Mockups are mockup of world's most popular smartphones built entirely in HTML. These mockups can be used for showcasing apps, resposnsive websites et al.


Human I am

Human I am Foundation is a non-government organization with a vision to make humanity the only existing religion on earth. I too am a proud member of the organization hence, playing my role in helping them spread awareness to the farthest shore.


OmniSoft Solutions

A web and mobile applications development startup. They found me on Facebook and then had a series of chat regarding their business and what they want me to build. Complying with their expectation(s) I was able to reserve a slot for them in web space.


Code a Color

An online color value interconvertor. I created this web application while playing around with jQuery primarily to get a hang of it. It helps designers to interconvert color values between the three most widely used color codes i.e. RGB, CMYK and Hex.



A colorful theme for Google-Chrome browsers. I liked the polygonal pattern so much that I decided to make it the background image of my browser. Being an unpacked extension, it gives you the ability to customize it for yourself. Find instructions to make it yours by clicking on the link.

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